Junkers Ju-352 Alitalia


After the 1946 armistice the airlines of Europe struggled to rebuild the air routes using ex-military transports. However for the axis powers the old transports like the Ju-52 and SM-82 quickly proved to be too outdated and newer aircraft were needed.

The German Junkers company restarted production of the Junkers Ju-290 and Ju-352 transports to fill the gap until new designs could be produced. The Italian airline Alitalia purchased 28 Junkers Ju-352D aircraft for use on their domestic and European routes. The first of these was delivered in March 1948.

The Ju-352 was used by Alitalia until 1953 when the last one was replaced by the newer Savoia Marchetti SM-128 Struzzo.

Last updated: 23/06/2019